Bitumen sprinklers and water trucks

Our company offers bitumen sprinklers and water truck tanks used in the road constructions, which we install on trucks of all brands. The technical specification like volume, equipment and other, depend on the client demand. The vehicles have high pressure Karcher, suction pump and pressure pump.

The presented sprinkler has:

1.Tank (container) 12m?
– material :aluminium alloy
– number of chambers: one separated with breakwaters

2. Discharge-loading system:
– gravity unloading
– unloading through suction and force pump

3. Washing and sprinkling system
– washing system at the front on left side, through force pump, pneumatic control of the jet from driver?s cabin
– sprinkling system at the front and at the back, at the back additionally folding extension with length 1000 mm at left and right side, rotary heads with different spraying options, each spray nozzle with separate control
– gravity and pressure sprinkling system, through force pump
– spraying pressure system with pressure regulation and nozzles with different ends ? for regulation of pressure and flow quantity
– washing system through high pressure pump

4. Equipment
– inspection manhole DN 500
– unloading ball valve DN 50
– terminal for fire brigade

5.Suction force pump type VL4HDR
– efficiency 460 L/min
? pneumatic drive
? couplings
? suction device
? filter
? pressure 3 bar
? additional filter on suction system

6.Water high pressure pump type HYD ? RK 21.15
? hydraulic drive
? couplings
? pressure hose 25 m, with reel (pneumatic reeling)
? jet lance
? high pressure pistol
? pressure regulator with bypass
? security valve
? filter
? pressure 150 bar

7. Hydraulic system
– pump drives through hydraulic motors

We deal with installations of specific vehicles according to individual requests and needs of clients.