Other services

In addition to our main activity which is production, repair and modernization of road tankers, we also provide the following services:

  • thermal and mechanical cutting of sheet metal with thickness up to 13 mm and width 3000 mm,
  • sheet metal bending into different shapes, thickness up to 8 mm and width 4000 mm,
  • creating pipe flanges with thickness up to 10 mm,
  • rolling of sheet metal with thickness up to 6 mm for diameter 300-3000 mm (including cones),
  • welding services including mechanized welding, methods 131, 135 and 141, of ordinary quality carbon steel, superior quality carbon steel , austenitic stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys,
  • realization of profiles and sections,
  • anti-corrosion coating.

We have a new, highly developed machinery, which allows us to face many difficult tasks.